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Who We Are

305 publishing is a publishing house dedicated to disseminating behavior analysis content to the world. 305 publishing was designed by behavior analysts for the behavior analysis community and beyond. 305 publishing works with behavior analysts in many different industries to conceptualize, create, design, and publish top notch content for consumption by not only to behavior analysis community but all the community as well. The behavior analysts working at 305 publishing have been creating and publishing behavior analytic content in various industries for over two decades. 305 publishing is committed to bringing the vision of its authors to life through various mediums and in a professional manner.


Project Management

We walk content creators through the entire publishing process allowing them to focus on creating fantastic content. We set goals, create strategy, and execute with precision.

Creative support

Have writers block? We can help. Our team of behavior analysts & writers works with up and coming authors to develop their thoughts into words.


Design Help

Our team of creative specialists works with you to make your vision a colorful and dynamic reality. We can make your content fun, professional, and any other style that you prefer.

Dedicated Marketing

We are dedicated to getting your content “out there” and available for as many people as possible to consume. We use a mix of traditional and modern media outlets to disseminate your content to the world.

Featured Books

Leadership in Behavior Analysis:
The Independent Variable That Advances Our Field

Leadership in Behavior Analysis (LIBA for short), provides strategies and exercises that can be implemented in your leadership journey, providing you with the practice necessary to master these skills. It is our recommendation that you practice each strategy and enlist someone to provide you feedback on the skills you are practicing. This will provide you the most benefit and ensure that you do not just learn about leadership, but that you actually transform into a leader in behavior analysis.

OBM Entrepreneur

The Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Entrepreneur is not your everyday professional. OBM is not for the faint at heart or those who require handholding by a boss or even mentor, and those individuals who “hope” things happen may not cut it as OBM Entrepreneurs. OBM Entrepreneurs make things happen. Our goal with OBM Entrepreneur is to build upon your existing knowledge of OBM toward ultimately launching your own lucrative business as an established internal or external OBM practitioner. You read that right, internal or external. The OBM Entrepreneur embraces those looking to make a career out of this specialization and position themselves as authorities in what we believe is a flourishing field—we are in higher demand now more than ever before.

Our Books

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40hr RBT Training and Guided Notes

40hr RBT Training and Guided Notes

40hr RBT Training and Guided Notes

40hr RBT Training and Guided Notes

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