About Us

Our Story

We started out as a small group of behavior analysts that wanted to create content for the behavior analysis community and also to disseminate our science to industries outside of the behavior analysis field. Although we were passionate about bringing behavior analysis to the world, we wanted to make sure that our science remained intact through that journey. So we decided to create a publishing company that ensured that the content produced stayed true to the science of behavior analysis. Out of this desire, 305 Publishing was born.

Our Vision

Our vision here at 305 Publishing is to have behavior analysis content of any kind in the hands of every single person in the world. We want everyone in the world to have access to the same life changing science that we here at 305 Publishing have seen been so effective in the lives of the clients that we have worked with for decades.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the science of behavior analysis to the world in an evidenced-based and engaging manner.