Speaker’s Bureau

Yendri Diaz


Yendri Diaz is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), trainer and instructional designer. She studied psychology at Florida International University in Miami, FL and completed her graduate degree at California State University, Northridge, specializing in behavior analysis. Yendri has over ten years of training and clinical experience. Yendri has provided ABA therapy and supervision to children and adults with developmental disabilities across varying settings. In the field of training, Yendri has evolved from lead trainer, to Director of Training, and is now the CEO at Skillometry, Inc., a behavioral organization that is committed to providing ABA based training. Yendri employs the most effective behavioral technologies to conduct train-the-trainer programs in order to instruct trainers on how to implement these methodologies to training. Yendri has trained over 1500 individuals to become RBTs and has provided supervision and training to over 100 BCaBAs and BCBAs to become trainers and supervisors. Yendri has trained professionals and novices alike, utilizing state-of-the-art digital technology and evidence-based instructional design to create courses that train participants to mastery. Yendri has also designed and conducted train-the-trainer programs with subject matter experts across various fields in order to make them masterful trainers at their trade.